Tawny Reynolds

Jewelry Artist and owner of "Sundrop Jewelry"

"I’m Tawny Reynolds, and I design elegant, sun-melted glass jewelry for women who love color and the Earth."

Tawny Reynolds

Meet Tawny Reynolds, the owner of Sundrop Jewelry. Tawny creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry all made from recycled glass bottles. Each piece of jewelry features vibrant, glowing colors like sunlight shining through a stained glass window. 
The eco friendly jewelry of Sundrop Jewelry ranges from a dainty minimalist earring to big & bold artisan jewelry, but always retaining that vibrant thread of casual elegance with an eco friendly twist. Using a giant three-foot magnifying glass to focus sunshine, recycled bottles and stained glass are melted into flowing droplets, set in recycled sterling silver. 

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