Heather Davis

Encaustic Fine Artist

“My encaustic art is about architecture, infrastructure and time. Having spent a thirty-year career as a professional investor in infrastructure and commercial real estate, I am steeped in admiration for these complex creations. I wonder about how they will stand the passage of time and evolve to meet the needs of our future generations.”

Heather DavisUsing the ancient encaustic painting medium, which is an organic blend of beeswax and damar tree resin, I depict scenes of the future using fragments from the past. I collage vintage architectural plans and specs into my work, together with old maps, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera. I paint with encaustic medium on top of the collages to preserve them and add color and character.

My paintings are organized using techniques of the old masters, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Rembrandt, using principles such as the Golden Ratio and the Phi Grid which are appealing to the viewer. Techniques such as these have been used for centuries to create masterpieces.

Encaustic paintings exist today, well-preserved, from over 3000 years ago. The durability and archival quality of the encaustic, together with its hazy translucency, help me tell my tales of architecture, infrastructure, and time.

Interior Designers and Stagers

Heather Davis Studio + Gallery works with trade professionals to select art for both corporate and residential clients, and for home staging needs. Interested in placing a compelling piece of work in a home or office? Contact Heather Davis for more details.

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